4 Ways to Add Resiliency to Your Mission Critical Supply Chain

Keeping your data center operation up and running and in optimal condition are today’s imperatives.  When it comes to new servers and other data center equipment, there are key measures you can take to add resiliency to your supply chain, ensuring the safe, secure shipment and delivery of them to your data center.  Our data center logistics experts have put together four tips to add more resiliency to your mission-critical server supply chain.

Tip #1: Get the right visibility.

Being able to effectively respond to the real-time changes in your data center operation — whether it is with shipments and deliveries or sudden operational changes —- hinges on having the right visibility to what’s happening in your supply chain in the first place. At Momentum, we know that on-time pick-up and delivery is critical to your supply chain and meeting your customer’s needs. Even minor delays can start a chain reaction that costs you (and your customer) time and money with unplanned downtime and lost productivity. Specifically, server shipments are not only high value, but often, also contain propriety information. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a trusted transportation provider that provides real time visibility to your shipments and consistently follows high-value safety protocols. The right transportation provider provides an added layer of security to protect against loss and stolen intellectual property, ultimately helping you earn more trust with your customer.

Tip #2: Get consistent capacity and customized delivery protocols with a Dedicated Fleet.

In the current market, truck utilization is above 98% and expected to remain above 96% through 2022. Partnering with a trusted transportation carrier that is able to provide a dedicated fleet with a blend of single and team drivers provides capacity assurance in this highly constrained capacity market. Assigning dedicated drivers also helps mitigate unplanned costs and unnecessary accessorials incurred when using the spot market. What’s more, dedicated drivers that are well-versed in maintaining shipment safety protocols and shipping and receiving procedures further improve supply chain safety and efficiency.

Tip #3:  Minimize delivery and installation delays with ‘White Glove’ service.

Not all server deliveries are created equal; your carrier will need to be experienced and willing to think outside of the box. Mission critical deliveries are often essential to a project going live on time.  Mission critical deliveries also help cover increased demand from online customers.  Server damage during handling or delivery can cause disruptions in installation and delays in meeting your customer’s needs. For example, server rack shipments often require customized securement solutions plus have unique   pickup and delivery requirements. Driver-assist loading & unloading, securement, crating & uncrating, elevator management, and rack placement are a few of the professional services your transportation provider and their drivers should be expected to provide.

Tip #4:  Be smarter and more comprehensive about service standards.

Superior customer service means a great deal more than the 24/7 availability that the industry has come to expect. Mission critical server supply chains demand higher service levels. Your transportation provider should have experience and education in mission critical logistics.  In addition to 24/7 availability, does your provider have protocols and processes in place for:

  • Shipping and receiving site, plus transit lane safety audits
  • Real-time tracking
  • Premium Communication
  • Professional, safety-certified drivers
  • Escalation plans with all data center stakeholders?

If not, then it’s time to seek more comprehensive service.

At Momentum Transportation, an award-winning Landstar agent, we’ve saved our customers millions of dollars by focusing daily on safety, security and the sound handling of all types of data center equipment and freight.  As a result, their supply chains are more operationally efficient and resilient.  The security of your mission critical server supply chain should never be in doubt. Get started with us today at www.landstar-agent.com.


About this blog’s contributors

A team of logistics experts at Momentum Transportation, an award-winning Landstar Agent, contributed to this blog post.  Meet the team:

ERIC MORTON, Key Account Manager

Eric has over 17 years of Transportation experience including 9 years with Momentum Transportation.  Eric has vast sales and operational experience with small, medium, and large global enterprise accounts.  He helped create and implement Safety, Security, and best practice procedures with several accounts.  Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Florida.

BECKY SCOTT, Key Account Manager

Becky came to Momentum Transportation 10 years ago with a background in sales and marketing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of North Florida. Becky has held various positions within the company, allowing her to grow her expertise in domestic (truckload, LTL, heavy and specialized) and international (ocean and air) logistics. She is currently focused on further developing our mission critical business segment.

DAVID HOPPENS, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

David brings over 30 years of transportation and supply chain services experience to Momentum Transportation. His sales, marketing and business unit leadership at companies including CSX Transportation, Pacer International and U.S. Xpress, make him the ideal person to lead sales and marketing. He has served as President and Chairman of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Florida.